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ASLI - Israel White Ribbon Organization works to engage men with the effort to eliminate violence towards women in all its forms.


We believe that violence towards women is NOT just a women’s issue, and that men have a central role in the effort to prevent it and make their surroundings safer for women and girls.


Most men will say they oppose violence towards women, but only a few take an active part in preventing it. We work to educate and bring in more men to this effort.


Our activity is focused on spreading our message on digital platforms and on mainstream media, in public arenas and through field work. We also lead educational activities in schools for students and teachers, and in workplaces and community centers.


ASLI follows the footsteps of the White Ribbon Movement, which began in 1991 in Toronto, Canada. Today there about 100 organizations in 60 countries working for this cause.

However, ASLI is currently the only men-led and men-oriented organization in Israel working to prevent violence towards women

רקע עמוד בית.jpg
עצות לגבר שרוצה למנוע אלימות כלפי נשים
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רקע עמוד בית.jpg
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