ASLI aims to end men’s violence towards women and girls by speaking to men and recruiting them to the fight against violence towards women. We believe that as men it is our responsibility to guide other men, mainly youth and young men, to understand how they can contribute to this cause. 

Our strategy is to change men’s perception of violence towards women, teach them to identify it and learn what they can do to stop it. We strive to instill positive masculinity by speaking to men and showing them how they can help eliminate violent situations around them. 

ASLI hopes to become a source of knowledge for men, youth, parents, teachers and the media regarding the role men can play in the fight for safer public and private spheres for women. 

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Board Members

יותם קונסטנטיני.png

Yotam Constantini

Ph.D. Student in Computational Biology in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Instructor in workshops on sexual violence prevention with Tel Aviv Assistance Centre

ירון שוורץ.jpg

Dr. Yaron Schwartz

Creator and coordinator of Gender Pedagogy Program at The Shalom Hartman Institute's Charles E. Smith High School for Boys. Lecturer in the department of Gender Studies in Bar Ilan and Ben Gurion universities

עומרי טנקמן.jpeg

Omri Tancman

Master’s degree student in the Women & Gender Studies Program, Tel Aviv University

בועז רדי.jpg

Boaz Raday

Owner and CEO of Impact lobby firm, a former member of the management forum at Bank Hapoalim and Economic Attaché in the Israel Embassy in Washington, D.C.

אריק קליין.jpeg

Arik Klein

Electrical Engineer and activist against violence towards women

הרן יקיר.jpg

Haran Yakir

Civil society activist, first degree in chemistry and Master’s in Public Policy, both from Tel Aviv University

איתי טריפמן.jpg

Ittai Trifman

Teacher, graduate of the Mandel Social Leadership MBA Program, formerly workshop instructor at the Negev Assistance Centre for Victims of Sexual Assault

Audit Committee

נמרוד הרני.jpg

Nimrod Harani

Former Chair of the Student Union of Technion, Holds a degree in Materials Engineering

יאיר בן צבי.JPG

Yair Ben Zvi

From Ramat Gan, married and father to daughter and a son. Kindergarten teacher and ASLI activist since 2017

אריה גורקוב.jpg

Arie Gurkov

Social Activist, graduate of Dror Israel movement, holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science


ארן רונדל.jpg

Aran Rondel

Established the Research and Information department in the Social Guard. Before coming to ASLI was Head Researcher at The Whistle - Fact Checking Desk

אביב יהלום.png

Aviv Yahalom

Co-founded ASLI and the first chair of the board. Activist for gender equality since 2004. Has a master’s in Gender Studies and another Master’s in Islam and Middle East Studies